After spending the last few months sheltering indoors, it’s time to get outside to absorb some of Southern California’s fantastic sunshine. While 72 miles of California’s coastline was off-limits during the pandemic, many beaches are now open and ready to enjoy—albeit with restrictions.

When the traffic is right, Westminster is only a few minutes away from Huntington Beach, one of the Pacific Ocean’s most famous shorelines. A mere 3.5 miles in length, the landmark stretch of sand and saltwater is the destination of choice for over 11 million visitors every year.

By keeping track of your garbage, respecting the fire rings, and keeping the sand on the beach, you can do your part to ensure the beach remains a picture-perfect getaway.

Leave No Trace

For many people, a day at the beach isn’t complete without all of the snacks, drinks, and creature comforts they can fit in a cooler chest. While you’d think people who love the outdoors would be responsible with their garbage, spring breakers in Corpus Christi, TX, left behind an astonishing 30 tons of litter on the beach.

The staff at Huntington Beach is responsible for removing waste from 850 trash cans. You can do your part by ensuring you take all of your refuse to the nearest garbage receptacle. If the trash is full, go ahead and take your garbage home to dispose of it in your trash can.

Burn Responsibly

Nothing caps off a day at the beach better than gathering around a fire ring with family and friends. Huntington Beach offers 100 concrete rings that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

While alcohol is off-limits, you are welcome to roast marshmallows and hot dogs to your heart’s content. You can bring firewood or purchase bundles from local vendors. Just remember not to burn pallets, because they leave behind hundreds of sharp nails that can injure barefoot visitors.

Leave the Sand Behind

Did you know that the maintenance crew at Huntington Beach regularly rakes the sand to keep the surface smooth and inviting? You can imagine how much raking was needed after one million people attended the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow in 2017.

It’s essential to keep the sand on the beach and out of the parking lots and sidewalks. There are showers strategically placed around the beach to help you clean off after a carefree day in the surf. By removing excess sand, you’ll keep it out of your car as well as off the floors of local restaurants and retailers.

It wouldn’t be summer without a calendar full of relaxing trips to the beach. By disposing of your litter, being considerate with the fire rings, and washing off the sand, you can make sure Huntington Beach continues to be a world-class destination.