Americans love their companion animals, with 38 percent of households owning dogs and 25 percent of households owning cats. More than just furry pets, these critters become essential members of the family with unique personalities and traits that complement the home. Some of the benefits of having a pet include a decrease in stress, companionship, and home security.

Keeping a pet in your apartment requires a responsible owner. By monitoring your animal’s volume, practicing regular grooming, cleaning up on walks, and giving your pet a lot of attention, you can make sure your pet and your neighbors are happy.

Pet sounds

Many animals communicate with their owners and neighborhood pets by barking or meowing. The sound of a dog is also an effective crime deterrent. However, if your pet makes noise throughout the day, it’s unlikely neighbors will notice the difference. Train your pet by rewarding good behavior and ask your nearby residents for feedback, letting them know you’re working on keeping the noise to a minimum.

Doggy duties

A study found that dog owners clean up after their pets in public 60 percent of the time. It turns out people are more vigilant in picking up messes if they think that people are watching. Good advice is to always act like someone is watching. Just like you, people want to have a clean and positive experience when they go outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Regular cleaning

Keeping your pet properly groomed will make a difference in the way your apartment and clothing look and smell. It will also help to decrease the chances of causing allergic reactions in your neighbors. Celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky advises, “For dogs with medium-to-large coats, a bath could be needed from weekly to every 4-to-6 weeks, as long as the coat is properly maintained in-between baths.”


Pets love attention and the opportunity to play. Depending on the breed, this can mean a walk around the corner or chasing tennis balls at the park. Just like kids, a happy pet that has had a chance to run and exercise is often tired and ready to sleep when they get back home. As a bonus, you can stay fit by increasing your heart rate by trying to keep up.

Apartment living with pets takes just a little more consideration than in a house with a yard. By taking the time to ensure your companion animal is not too loud, always cleaned up after, adequately groomed, and receiving regular exercise, you will be a responsible pet owner and neighbor.