In these uncertain times, the need for support and companionship is more important than ever. But with the need for social distancing, making those meaningful connections with others is challenging. With a little creativity, we can still be neighborly from afar. Here are five ways to be that neighbor that everyone wants to live by:

1. Do some extra shopping.

The next time you shop, whether in-store, via delivery, or online, keep your neighbor in mind. Could you purchase an extra bottle of hand soap or a favorite snack and leave it on their doorstep? Do what it takes to let them know you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture to make a big impact.

2. Leave a note with a gift card on cars in the parking lot.

This action offers two benefits: first, you’ve shared a message that somebody is thinking of your neighbor and wishing them well. Second, you’ve supported a local business by purchasing one of their gift cards or a voucher for a meal or dessert. Win-win!

3. Write kind online reviews for local businesses.

The next time you interact with a local business, share it! Many businesses are adapting their services and working long hours to serve the community. If you have a great interaction with a business via phone, drive-through, curbside pickup, or delivery services, tell your local online world about it. Much of their continued business depends on word-of-mouth and local reviews, so go the extra mile for them.

4. Be extra courteous. 

Extraordinary gestures are great, but don’t underestimate everyday kindness and courtesy. Things like parking only in your designated space or offering a friendly smile and wave (from afar, of course!) go a long way, especially during stressful times. We’re all in this together, and by respecting the people and shared spaces around you, you’ll be doing your part to keep things friendly in your neighborhood.

5. Be conscious of the noise you’re generating. 

Whether your job transitioned to a remote work model or you have school-aged children now attending school online, the need for quiet is constant. Be respectful of neighbors: many of them may face the same challenges of creating a more professional work environment at home.

Good things often surface as a result of a crisis, and hope is likely to be one of them. In the midst of social distancing, there’s always room for kindness. These five ideas will help you get started.