Humans have always shared a special relationship with food. We use our meals to celebrate, mourn, or revisit our favorite memories. It’s no wonder so many people are having a difficult time during a pandemic that forced over 150,000 restaurants to close their doors last year.

Fortunately for Pointe Pacific Apartments residents, there are still many delectable dining options right here in Westminster, CA. Here are three ways you can continue supporting local restaurants.

Order Takeout, Delivery, or Curbside Pickup

The pandemic has forced California restaurant owners to look for alternatives to the traditional dine-in experience. The good news is that takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup are widely available, making a tasty variety of food merely a phone call—or a swipe on an app—away. 

Are you looking for suggestions? We are big fans of The Dim Sum Co, located a couple of miles east of Pointe Pacific Apartments on Westminster Boulevard. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the restaurant serves fresh steamed dim sum and authentic Asian dishes like fire-roasted pork and wonton noodle soup. For a real treat, we suggest starting with the divine coconut waffle crisps. 

Give Generously

Since the spread of COVID-19, individuals working at restaurants have been reeling to survive. Last year witnessed over 2 million people in the industry lose their jobs. If you are in a position to do so, we suggest demonstrating your appreciation by tipping generously when ordering food. Keep in mind that kitchen staff and delivery drivers are putting their health at risk to ensure you receive your order. A friendly tip can go a long way in helping somebody survive another day and remain positive during a challenging era. 

Purchase Gift Cards

Another way to support Westminster restaurants is to purchase gift cards. In addition to helping some local businesses stay afloat, you can share the cards with friends and family to introduce them to your favorite spots.

You can buy gift cards online for Pastars, the famous Italian restaurant located nearby on Beach Boulevard. Open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, Pastars is known for homemade pasta, mouthwatering porchetta sandwiches, and garlic baguettes with truffle oil.

With uncertainty and ever-changing guidelines, who knows what the restaurant industry will look like in the future. For now, we can support our favorite restaurants and help them to endure these strange times. By ordering takeout, giving generous tips, and buying gift cards, we can continue supporting local restaurants and the people who work there.