We’re over a month into 2021, and for many of us, that means New Year’s resolutions have either been successfully maintained or . . . not. While setting goals in principle is simple, building habits, being consistent, and being realistic in our expectations is challenging. 

To change, we need to gain a new perspective and tackle our problems as opportunities to become a more capable human being. By setting goals with the right mindset, you increase your chances for success.

Ready to take another swing at setting goals for 2021? Our team at Pointe Pacific Living has some tips and tricks to help you start fresh and find success.

Be Accountable

When setting goals, the most important thing is to be accountable for your choices. “It’s important that you make a brutally honest and thorough assessment of yourself,” says serial entrepreneur Deep Patel. “You need to see your talents and shortcomings as clearly as possible and understand what works best for you in reaching your goals.”

Carefully consider your environment. Do the physical materials in your home and workplace set you up for success? It is essential to prepare for possible moments of emotional instability. For example, if your goal is to develop healthier eating habits, limit the number of unhealthy foods available in your home.

Be Realistic

Author Keith Ellis wrote, “Rumor has it that a philosopher in Europe once posted this message on his telephone answering machine: ‘This device is programmed to ask two simple questions: Who are you and what do you want? Most people live their entire lives without answering either one.’” Many of us want stuff. We want to be famous. We want to have the latest technology. We want to have power. We want, want, want. But, these things have very little to do with our purpose. If we know who we are and what we truly want, we know our purpose. And it becomes much easier to set goals and achieve them if we commit ourselves to work towards them.

Be realistic with yourself. Who are you? And what is it that you truly want? Work backward from there and make choices every day that support that end goal.

Track Your Progress

“As human beings, we’re hardwired to want to reach the finish line,” says Jory MacKay, writer for RescueTime. “To stay committed to the work that matters most, we need to find ways to measure, track, and feel good about the progress we make every single day.” For many of us, we measure time in progress. Tracking helps you stay focused and encourages you that your efforts are worthwhile and that your time is well spent.

The best way to track progress is to break your large goals into smaller pieces and map them out in a visual. As you complete each smaller task, cross it off. While the large goal can sometimes seem daunting, it becomes more manageable by having proof of progress. Set deadlines for yourself and consistently meet them.

While setting goals can seem challenging, by using our tips and tricks above, you are equipping yourself with the tools to find success.