Let’s face it: We could all use some help preparing for the holidays. From decorating your home to cooking your favorite holiday treats to buying gifts for your family and friends, there is a lot to get done in a short amount of time.

Thankfully, we know the secret sauce that will help your big festivities go out with a bang: holiday appliance checks. There is nothing jolly about your stove top not heating when you are in the middle of attempting to make homemade gravy from your Turkey’s drippings. Likewise, it isn’t fun washing all your holiday dishes by hand because your dishwater won’t turn on. According to a Consumer Reports survey, 6 percent of respondents reported problems with cooking elements not lighting or heating up on ranges, 5 percent of people reported refrigerators that didn’t cool properly, and 11 percent of people reported that their dishwashers stopped properly cleaning. 

Issues like these would be a big “yikes” during the holiday season! Here are three ways you can perform your holiday appliance checks to ensure that this season is full of nothing but happiness and positivity. 

Deep Clean Your Appliances

If you want your appliances to function properly during the holidays, you have to take care of them beforehand by deep cleaning to avoid some common problems. Take some time in the coming days and weeks to pull the fridge away from the wall and clean out the dust from the mechanical coils. Deep clean your oven and stove top, making sure all heating elements or gas burners heat and ignite fully. And make sure to clean your dishwasher by setting a single dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack and running a full cycle. You’ll feel much better knowing that your appliances are spick and span just in time for your celebrations. 

Perform a Cooking Test

In addition to cleaning, holiday appliance checks also encompass giving your appliances a test run before you actually need them. Now is the perfect time to bake that lasagna you have in your freezer, the cookie recipe you are craving, or the white chili your family loves. Doing so will provide you with plenty of time to get any necessary repairs if needed. 

Rely on Our Maintenance Team

At Pointe Pacific Apartment Homes, we want your holiday celebrations to be as magical and memory-filled as you envision. Our on-site management and 24-hour maintenance teams are ready to help if one of your appliances needs some extra love this holiday season. To report a broken appliance, simply visit the Pointe Pacific Apartment Homes Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will respond and schedule a time for the repair, getting you back on track to holiday happiness. 

Prepare for the holidays by performing your holiday appliance checks. Deep cleaning, performing a test run, and contacting our maintenance crew with any issues will surely help all your holiday dreams come true. Happy holidays from us to you!